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A Barnsley Fracas.

October 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 05 October 1928

A Barnsley Fracas.

A serious case involved the Vine Tavern club, Barnsley, and Middlecliffe Rovers. When those two teams met on September 22ncl bitter feeling was engendered, and something in the nature of a free fight occurred after the match.

As a result, one Middlecliffe player, J. Poxton, sustained fractured jaw; the hon, secretary of the club, H. Hunter, two black eyes; Hunter’s brother injuries to the mouth; and R. Copping, a Middlecliffe player, was also struck. Spectators were implicated.

The Committee decided to close the Vine Tavern ground until November 30th as from Monday next.

Allocations of assault were made against a Vine Tavern player, named E. Jones, and this phase of the affair is to be forwarded to the Football Association with a view to legal proceedings being taken against Jones.

Middlecliffe Rovers were fined 10s. 6d. for playing R. Copping without a permit, and the player a similar amount for playing.