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Cruelty to a Pony

March 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 29 , 1919

Cruelty to a Pony

On Wednesday at the Barnsley West Riding Police Court, Harry Pearson, miner, Wombwell, pleaded not guilty to causing cruelty to a pony.

Captain C.M. Clegg prosecuted for the Houghton Main colliery company, and explained that this case was one of very great cruelty to the pony in question. This pony was working the same part of the pit as the queues, and was drawing coal got by him. Difficulty was experience in getting the pony to draw a load, and the evidence will show that the defendant kick the pony full in the mouth, thereby breaking one tooth completely off, and two other teeth were loosened so that they were just hanging down.

Joseph Withers, of Hope Street, low Valley, gave evidence that on March 7 he was driving the pony in this question, and was working for defendant, and saw him kick the pony in the mouth, knocking one tooth out and loosen two others. The pony’s mouth was bleeding, and it was in great pain. It was not part of defendant’s job to interfere with the pony. The pony afterwards, fell down.

Other witnesses, cross-examined by Mr. Pratt, for the defence, denied that the injury to the pony’s mouth could have been caused by it falling down.

Defendant gave evidence completely denying that he kicked the pony as alleged.

Mr. Pratt submitted that the evidence was not sufficiently strong to convict the accused. The only evidence against him was that given by the pony driver, who said he saw him kick the pony in the mouth, which defendant denied. After that the boy brought the pony down, and nobody saw actually how the pony did fall.

The Chairman said, the Bench were satisfied that the case had been proved. It; was a bad case, for which there was no excuse. Defendant was a discharged soldier and though the bench would take that into consideration they could not pass over an offence of this sort.

Defendant was fined 40s.