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Death of Man Who Refused To “Grow Old”

May 1958

South Yorkshire Times May 3,  1958

Death of Man Who Refused To “Grow Old”


Mr George Henry Fenn (89) of 36 Dearne View, Little Houghton, died at his home, where he had lived for over 57 years, last week.

Known to all the residents as the man who refused to grow old, Mr Fenn only retired from Dearne Valley colliery at the age of 84.

Until last year he was a familiar sight seen riding pillion on his son-in-law’s motorcycle. He had a fair skin, and fair hair, which enhanced his youthful appearance until the time of his death.

Father of six daughters, one of whom lives in Ontario, Canada, Mr Fenn also leaves a widow, who has been his partner for 64 years. How proudly they celebrated their Golden and Diamond wedding, surrounded by their daughters and grandchildren. The family have always been very devoted to their parents.

One of Mr Fenn’s proudest possessions was the British Empire medal which he was to have received from King George at Buckingham Palace. But owing to the King’s illness he was forwarded on to Mr Fenn. He worked for over 60 years in the mine, for 58 of them at Dearne Valley colliery.

Mr Fenn was a lifelong member of Middlecliffe WMC and when the cortege passed the club for the funeral last Wednesday, members formed a guard of honour.