Farewell to Great Houghton Head

March 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 19, 1937

Farewell to Great Houghton Head

In a school room packed with parents, scholars of Great Bolton Council School presented their school plays on Friday. During that evening a presentation was made to Mr T.H.Bollans, head teacher, who is leaving at the end of the month to take up duties as head of Thurnscoe Hill Senior Boys School.

The gift,, a wireless set, had been subscribed for by scholars and parents, all scholars, and friends, from a wide area, with whom Mr Bollans has come in contact during his 26 years as head of Houghton Council School.

Mr W Hinchcliffe, who presided, called upon Mr J Potts to make the presentation. Mr Potts said they would be sorry to lose Mr Bollans. Since becoming a member of the Education Subcommittee some years ago, he (Mr Potts) had watched carefully the work of Great Houghton Council School and was amazed at the wonderful team spirit which existed among staff and pupils alike.

It was 2nd to none in the Westcott riding for the number of scholarships attain, the total being 113 in 25 years. Two international footballers Wills Copping and Leslie Thomson had learned the rudiments of sport at the school.. He had the pleasure in and into Mr Bollans the wireless set and hoped he would live long to enjoy. When he switched it on he hoped he would think of his Houghton friends.

Mr Bollans was deeply moved. He said for 26 years he had practically lived in Houghton and slept in Thurnscoe. He paid tribute to a devoted and enthusiastic staff.

A head teacher was greatly dependent on the enthusiasm of those working with him. He was glad they had been able to accomplish things during his years with them. Looking ahead he had visualised a time when Houghton school would be “beheaded,” the seniors going to the new Darfield school. He did not quite fancy this, so he had taken her promotion when the opportunity arose. He was astonished at the magnificent present. He did not know yet so many friends. He would treasure the gift as long as he lived.

Afterwords scholars from each class presented a play. Several groups of songs including “Ring out ye Crystal Spheres,” “Slumber Dear Maid,” “Drink to me Only,” and “Who is Sylvia?” were sweetly rendered by a mixed choir.

The players were well done and introduced comedy, history, thrills and farce.

The first was the Crimson Cocoanut” by Standard 8. “The White Rose Tree” by Standard 2 followed . Standard 3 gave ” Dr Batts Ears.” “The Lord of the Bow” was given by Standard 5. Standard 6 gave “The Miser and the Bramble Bush.” “Thor’s hammer” was presented by Standard 4. The last play “King Alfred and the Cakes” was given by Standard 7.

The staff and scholars were responsible for the charming dresses and scenery.