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Football Match Scene – Blow Breaks Player’s Jaw

November 1928

Sheffield Independent – Friday 16 November 1928

Football Match Scene.

Blow Breaks Player’s Jaw

Following scene at a football match, Ernest Jones, miner, 4, Grey street, Worsborough Common, was at Barnsley, yesterday. fined £3 and costs and bound over for six months for assaulting Joseph Paxton, 17. Middlecliffe. Little Houghton.

Defendant pleaded “Not guilty,” and was represented by Mr. J. Halmshaw.

Mr A. Smith, prosecuting, said he was instructed to ask for exemplary punishment, not only because of the nature of the assault, but because it was a matter of regret to all clean sportsmen that scenes like this should happen in their town.

On September 22, continued Mr. Smith, a Beckett Hospital Cup-tie between the Vine Tavern and Middlecliffe Rovers was played in field behind the park. The first half was contested keenly, but evenly and in a sportsmanlike manner. In the second half Middlecliffe Rovers took the lead and later increased it. Then it was that certain of the players on the Vine Tavern side commenced use of somewhat unfair tactics. Twelve minutes from the end of the game Paxton dispossessed Jones of the hall in a perfectly legitimate manner. Jones went up to him and accused him kicking him. He made as if to strike Paxton, but the referee intervened.

Went Absolutely Mad.

At the end of the game, which Middlecliffe won, Paxton walking off the field, but had only gone a few yards when Jones, it was alleged, came to him, accused him of having kicked him, and then gave Paxton a most violent blow on the jaw.

He dropped to the floor and was unconscious for ten minutes. Another man seeing what was happening, went to help Paxton, when Jones immediately assaulted him. After that, commented Mr. Smith, Jones seemed to have gone absolutely mad. He ran after Paxton and a player named Topping, and assaulted him. The secretary of Middlecliffe Rovers, who was cripple, had his stick taken from him and was struck on the head with it. Paxton, he added, had his jaw fractured by the blow and was taken to Sheffield Royal Infirmary. Paxton, whose face was bandaged, gave evidence bearing out his solicitor’s statement.

Jones, giving evidence, said Paxton deliberately kicked him. Witness told him to be careful as two could play at that game. Paxton then said. “I’ll righten with you off the field.’ At the end of the match Paxton struck him and he struck back . Answering Mr. Smith, witness denied that during the match he put his arm round Paxton’s neck and threatened to strike him. “

The referee is telling a deliberate lie when says that, he added.

The Mayor (Alderman J. F, Broley) said that as old footballer he knew that sometimes things happened during a game that tried the patience of the players, but they must learn to play the game and control their passions.