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Great Houghton Lodger’s “Temper.”

January 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 25, 1929

Great Houghton Lodger’s “Temper.”

Thomas James, labourer, Great Houghton, was bound over for six months at Barnsley on Monday for stealing 18s. 6d. from Margaret Smith, with whom he lodged, and was ordered to pay back the money within a month.

Mrs. Smith said she charged James 25s. a week and last week he gave her only £1. Shs spent 1s. 6d. of the note he gave her and put the change in a box. They had an argument on Saturday morning and James took the money and walked out of the house.

P.c. Ames said James declared the money was his. He had spent some of it when arrested.

James said he was sorry. Both he and Mrs. Smith—who had been “the best of pals for six years”—were in “a bit of a temper” when he did it.