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Great Houghton Parish Council – Disgraceful Sanitary Conditions.

October 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 4, 1919

Great Houghton Parish Council.

Disgraceful Sanitary Conditions.

The ordinary monthly meeting of the Great Houghton Parish Council was held in the Council Schools on Monday evening, when there were present : Coun. John Potts (presiding), J. Illsley, W. N. Ellis, F. J. Hall,  Geo. Sharpe, and W. Nicholson, and the clerk.

The Chairman reported that he had succeeded in obtaining the necessary labour for making trial holes in the site for the proposed cemetery. Subject to the land proving satisfactory, it is being purchased at £50 per acre—the area is 44 acres.

A letter from the Public Health Department, Wakefield, intimated that a midwife, Nurse Stockwell, had been procured for Great Houghton, and would shortly be available. A further letter, replying to one from the Parish Council, informing the Public Health Department of the district nurse scheme, stated that on a district nurse- being appointed Nurse Stockwell would be removed, probably to Thurnscoe.

Apropos, the water shortage a Member of the Council reported baying’ seen the Waterworks manager, and having pointed out to several leakages in the water system. The manager has expressed the opinion that systematic cuttmg off of the supply resulted in considerable wastage, but that the whole system was being overhauled.

The inefficiency of the present sanitary arrangements creased a lengthy discussion, and Coun. lllsley said that in order to obtain an idea as to the exact state of affairs he had taken a walk round one of the districts complained of. The result was that he was filled with utter disgust to think that human beings should have to live under such disgraceful conditions, which he said, not only constituted a serious menace to public health, but painfully infringed on the sense of decency.

It was explained that the present conditions have been brought about by the continued failure to obtain a contractor to do the work.

It was all that the Inspector of Nuisances. Requested to visit the insanity district along with two councillors and the clerk after which a special meeting will be held to discuss the best methods of effecting an improvement.

An application for an advance in salary by the clerk was discussed in his absence, and an increase of £20 net per annum granted commencing on October 1.