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Houghton Main Fatality – Mines Inspectors Advice on Precautions

August 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph August 17 1927

Houghton Main Fatality
Mines Inspectors Advice on Precautions

The frequency of mine accidents was brought home at an inquest at Darfield yesterday on William Henry Bagshaw (22), son of Arthur Bagshaw, 32 West Street, Darfield, who was killed at Houghton Main.

While the inquest was proceeding news was brought that another man had been buried at the colliery

It was stated that Bagshaw was engaged operating an underground “jinny” down which full tubs were being lowered when the prop to which the “jinny” wheels attached fell out. This knocked out another prop and caused a fall. Stone weighing a ton fell onto Bagshaw and his skull was fractured.

This method of operating the “jinny” was closely scrutinised by Mr T Green (Mines Inspector), who observed “unless some different arrangements to this is adopted we shall have more accidents of this kind.”

John Wilkes, miner, Doncaster Road, Darfield, said he set the prop a few days before the accident occurred. He tested and found it sound. Prior to the accident two runs have been lowered by the “jinny” wheel.

Mr Green advocated the use of a permanent standard type of “Jinny” frames, the ends of which should be “anchored” into the packs at each side of the road. He said it was absolutely necessary that props in which “Jinny” wheels were fixed should be examined regularly as they were liable to come loose by vibration. Moreover the places where they were fixed should be carefully chosen.

In returning a verdict of “Accidentally killed,” the Coroner (Mr CJ Howarth) said he wished something could be done to reduce the number of accidents in mines.

The manager (Mr J Hesketh) said they were having a run of bad luck at Houghton Main. They were willing to do anything to prevent accidents. Mr S case on behalf of the management, and Mr P Ingram for the Houghton Main Branch of the Y.M.A. expressed sympathy with the family.

The man buried yesterday afternoon was James Harris, of new Scarborough, Wombwell. He was not seriously injured.