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In Brother’s Coat – Cigarette in the Mine.

July 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 20, 1928

In Brother’s Coat.

Cigarette in the Mine.

“Apparently this man does not realise that he endangered the lives of his fellow workmen by his careless conduct,” said Mr. A. Smith, prosecuting at Barnsley on Wednesday in the case in which John Rowbottom, miner, Great Houghton, was summoned for taking a cigarette down Houghton Main Colliery.

Rowbottom pleaded guilty.

Mr. Smith mentioned that the defendant was fined 20s. for a similar offence in April of last year, and he asked that ‘exemplary punishment be inflicted.

Mr. Smith said that on July 9 an official searcher found a cigarette in Rowbottom’s possession in the pit bottom. The colliery company had done all in their power to guard against such occurrences, and notices in big type had been placarded at the pit  top.

Defendant pleaded that he had inadvertently gone to the pit in his brother’s coat, but the Chairman (Mr. T. Field) said the seriousness of the case warranted a heavy penalty’,

A fine of 10s. was imposed.