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Jollifications at Great Houghton.

July 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 26, 1919

Jollifications at Great Houghton.

Great Houghton is justly proud of the part which her manhood played in the great war, for, during the first few days every hour brought news of more of her men answering tile country’s cry for help.

The two Barnsley Battalion’s each contain a good percentage of Houghton lads, and the village has been well represented in every theatre of war, or honours, her sons have earned.

Of honours, her sons have earned a good proportion, and, it is sad to add, the toll in killed and wounded was heavy. That one and all rejoiced at the recently signed peace was plainly manifest, and the scones at the celebrations on Saturday did justice to a people truly thankful for the splendid victory which her sons have helped to achieve. Every street in the village was tastefully decorated and beflagged, and provided a very appropriate scene for the grand and gay procession which commenced the festivities.

The scholars attending the Church schools marched down to Sandhill, where they joined the Council School children—the head teachers and staffs of both schools being present. The procession, comprising between 500 and 660 scholars, then toured the village, halting frequently and rendering in a very creditable manner a good selection of hymns and patriotic songs.

For the younger infants; huge farm wagons were provided by the benevolence of the local farmers. Tea was served, each child being entertained in the school it attended, and the substantial feast which was provided was a high tribute to the efforts of the committee and those who assisted in the catering. For the old folk, who were equally enthusiastic with the young, a splendid repast was provided in the schoolroom of the Wesleyan Church.

Tea over, the children adjourned to a field kindly lent by Mr. Wm. Noble, to indulge in sport. Here great numbers of parents and friends gathered to watch the youngsters, and a good variety of events were contested very keenly. Prizes of all kind were awarded to the successful competitors. Luckily, the sports had concluded before it the heavy shower commenced, though many were unfortunate in. getting drenched before they reached their homes.

Bonfires were lighted just before dusk, and fireworks freely exploded at all points. On Monday the jollifications were continued in various parts of the village, notably Briers’ Buildings, Dearne street, and Edward street, the residents of these districts each contributing to a good streoet, feast, afterwards indulging in dancing and games.