No Beer off for Great Houghton

February 1907

Barnsley Chronicle February 9, 1907

No Beer off for Great Houghton

Mr Hewitt applied on behalf of James Thomas Shaw for a beer off-licence to a shop in School Street, great Houghton. Mr J Reddy opposed on behalf amongst others Fred Noble, the owner of some property in the neighbourhood.

Mr Hallett reminded the range that he would do a similar application last year owing to difference of opinion between himself and a member of the Bench as to whether the chapel next door to applicant shop was to be removed to another site. He believed it was now a matter of common knowledge that a new chapel scheme was in an, thereby that difficulty was at an end stop

although there was an in not very far away, this part of Great Houghton had no beer off-licence, and as it was not always desirable that men should have to go themselves or send their wives to a public house for their dinner or supper beer, there was no doubt an off beer licence would be appreciated.

That, he took it, was the reason for establishing such licences. Moreover, there was in great Houghton practically a monopoly of the beer supply by one firm of brewers. He had a petition from more than two thirds of the householders in the district round Shaws shop.

After hearing evidence, the Bench refused the application.