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Obituary  – Mrs Larvan.

December 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 3, 1937.

Obituary  – Mrs Larvan.

By the death of Mrs Emma Larvan (64) last Thursday, Great Houghton lost one of its keenest social workers. Mrs. Larvan resided at School Street, Great Houghton and had lived in the district over 40 years. She was a native of Rotherham.

For a long spell she served on the Parish Council, of which her husband, the late Mr. John Larvan, was also a former member. Her associations with the Houghton Nursing Association were of long duration, and she took an active part in the Welfare Clinic.

Last Christmas she resigned from her clinic duties owing to her health. She was a member of the local Labour Party and the Education Sub-Committee. Representatives of all these bodies attended the funeral on Saturday.