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Soldier – Wilby, James Henry – Another Houghton Medal

November 1916

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 11, 1916

Another Houghton Medal

Private James Henry Wilby
(York and Lancs),

eldest son of Mr and Mrs T Wilby, of Middlecliffe, Great Houghton, and has been awarded the Military Medal for meritorious conduct at the end of last year.

Private Wilby previously worked at Houghton main, and enlisted on 28 August 1914, being dispatched to France in early July 1915.

His gallant conduct on December 28, 1915, was brought to the notice of the Major General commanding the Division, with the result stated above. The following letter has been received from his corporal J.S.Lavender:

“I feel that it is my duty to bring to your notice a gallant deed which your son Jim played a brave part. On the 28th of last month, while most of our company were in the billet, a lot shell hit the place, causing quite 300 tons of masonry to fall. One of our NCOs was pinned under the debris by a falling beam and brickwork. Along with a few more men Jim went to the aid of the unfortunate man and assisted in the dangerous work of getting out the man. The horns continue to sell the place, but this did not stop the gallant workers from releasing the unfortunate Cpl. After two hours of hard work the corporal was carried to safety. The workers have been warmly congratulated by the officers and men of our company. Jim was a close chum of mine, and now, after this devotion to duty that Jim showed, I feel indebted to him, and I am sure we shall always be close in the bond of friendship.”

Among the numerous letters of congratulations safe and friendly one from his late schoolmaster, Mr Leach, of Ardsley, and one from Mr TH Bollen’s, head teacher, Council schools, Great Houghton.