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Soldiers – Walker Family – Full Share of Fighters

June 1916

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 3, 1916

There is one family in Great Houghton which can boast of contributing its full share of fighters for the Empire, that of Mr and Mrs George Walker, of Elm cottages, School Street, who have this set now four sons and a son-in-law underarms.

Melbourne joined the Barnsley Battalion, York and Lancs, in September, 1914, and after being taken to Egypt was brought back to France.

Charles and Sidney, and George Brooks (son-in-law), joined the army in October 1915. The former trained at Brighton, and is at present serving with the RFA in Egypt; whilst the other two, also in the R.F.A. are undergoing training at Ballincuillig, Ireland.

The fifth militant member of the family is George, who has only quite recently attained military age, and is in training at Yarmouth.

Prior to enlistment all the above were employed at the Houghton Main colliery