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Ten Years With His Spine Broken – And Then Died Natural Death

December 1938

Leeds Mercury – Tuesday 27 December 1938

Ten Years With His Spine Broken

And Then Died Natural Death

An inquest on a man who had been walking about for 10 years with a broken spine and then died natural death was held at Wombweil when the widow of Peter Doherty (57), a colliery ripper, of 33, Wright Crescent, the inquiry recalled an accident at Houghton Main Colliery in August. 1928.

She said her husband complained that a stone fell from the roof and injured his back. He was in hospital for month and had not worked since.

Dr. W. C. Jardine, who made a postmortem examination, said there were fractures of the transverse processes of the lumber vertibrae on both sides, but external signs injury to the back.

The cause of death was hypostatic congestion the lungs in a man suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and heart disease. It was a natural death.

Mr. T. W. Illsley (Houghton Main branch of the Y.M.A.): “Was there evidence of a very bad accident? Yes, he had very grave Injuries his back.” And in your opinion they had no connection whatever with his death’ —“ No connection.”

Verdict; “Death by natural causes.”

Mr. Doherty was a native of Bohola, County Mayo, Ireland, and came to England on leaving school. He was first employed on the land, and then went to Mitchell Main to
work on the pit top. He was later employed at Wombwell Main, and finally went to
Houghton Main, where he worked about twenty years when he met with his accident ten years ago.

Mr. Doherty had been a prominent figure in Wombwell for many years, and was an active member of both the Reform Club and St. Michael’s R.C. Club. He was interested in gardening. A widow and two sons are left.