Wesley Methodism at Great Houghton – New Chapel and Schools Opened

February 1908

Barnsley Chronicle February 1 1908

Wesley Methodism at Great Houghton
New Chapel and Schools Opened

Thursday last was a day of great rejoicing with the Wesleyan Methodists of Great Houghton, as it witnessed the opening, with due ceremony, of a new Chapel and summer schools – an ornate block of buildings designed by Messrs Garside and Pennington of Pontefract and Castleford, and erected in a conspicuous position just off the main road of the thriving colliery village.

The scheme has been carried through as a result of some years of patient, self-denying effort, and its consummation may be looked upon as the commencement of a new era of usefulness for the Wesleyan denomination in that locality.

Many friends from Barnsley and other parts of the circuit shared in the jubilation which marked Thursday’s interesting ceremony.

The proceedings began with a meeting in front of the old Chapel, where the hymn, “*We love the place, O Lord,” was sung, after which the Rev CF Atherton (Cudworth) offered prayer, and a suitable address was delivered by the circuit superintendent, the Rev A Bourne.

There was then a procession to new premises, and after another hymn had been sung, the Rev R Fuller Appleby presented a handsome key (the gift of the architects) to Mrs FT salmon, wife of the secretary, with which to open the doors. This little ceremony over, the assembled company entered a well lighted, airy church (which will seat about 200 people), and a dedicatory service was conducted by the Rev H.T.Smart, chairman of the Sheffield district.

A public key and the new schoolroom follow this service, and the evening a largely attended meeting took place in the chapel, under the chairmanship of Mr C.J.Yardley, of Royston. He circuit ministers and others gave addresses, and a statement as to the position of the building fund was submitted by Mr Salmon.

The total cost of the scheme was £1400. They raised £520 and borrowed £600 and £280 was wanted at once. There was a Chapel grant of £110, and they also had the old Chapel to dispose of. The collection and subscriptions received that afternoon amounted to about £40.

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