“Who hasn’t?

October 1908

Barnsley Chronicle October 31st 1908

“Who hasn’t?”

Some amusement was caused by a case in which Edward Tunny, Miner, Thurnscoe was some of her having assaulted William Henry Nicholson. Tunny was also charged with having broken Mr Nicholson spectacles.

Complainant’s story was that, while cycling along the bridle path at Little Houghton, defendant, without provocation, knocked him over, his glasses being broken in the fall.

On the other hand, defendant said the cyclist had no right to ride on the path in such a manner as to push him into the edge, and cover him with sludge.

“If this man is justified in riding up and down England on footpaths he will get stopped,” said defendant.

The Magistrates Clerk: He has been in this case!

The Chairman (to defendant): I see you have been up before.

Defendant: Well, who hasn’t? (Laughter)

A fine of five shillings and cost was imposed for the assault, while Tunny was also ordered to pay for the damaged glasses.

Defendant: how shall I go on if I meet again in the same circumstances?

The question remained unanswered.